Snow Machine

Snow Machine


As a commercial snow machine manufacturer, we wholesale professional stage equipment and lighting to event organizers, production companies, and other customers.  We take pride in producing high-quality and reliable machines that are perfect for creating a magical winter wonderland experience for your clients' events or productions.

STR-F-04 600W Snow Machine, Wire / Remote Control

Are you looking for a snow machine that can create the perfect winter wonderland? Look no further than the 600-watt snow machine with wired or remote control. This powerful machine can transform any space into a snowy paradise, whether you're hosting a winter party or creating a scene for a film or theater production.

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STR-F-03 1500W Snow Machine, Wire Control

If you are looking for a way to create a winter wonderland for your next event or production, the 1500W Snow Machine with Wire Control may be just what you need. This machine is perfect for creating a realistic snowfall effect that will add a touch of magic to any setting.

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